Male Outdoor Bondage

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Next my arms were bound with ropes to a post while a cord attached to a cock ring forced me to bend over.  My mistress was wearing a huge strapon.  She whipped me with a flexible cane until I was rock hard then fucked me nonstop for hours forcing that huge strapon up my asshole.  

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My mistress clipped wooden clothespins on my nipples saying she could see that pain aroused me.  She teased me getting me more and more excited as I strained with all my strength to force my rigid cock into her beckoning mouth.After I had completely exhausted myself she left me alone, helpless, and vulnerable.

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I was suspended from my arms and tied with ropes so I couldn’t move.  One rope tied behind my balls forced me squat and my legs to burn because of  the painful position.  When the hood was ripped off my head, I saw my tormentor was in a uniform that looked North Korean.  She teased me by licking the very tip of my cock as I strained to reach her tongue. 

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I dress in combat boots and combat fatigues because it makes me fell strong but I was grabbed from behind after I left a dance club.  They put a hood over my head so I couldn’t see anything then stopped and entered a nearby building.  I felt cuffs being put on my wrists then my arms being pulled upward until I was almost suspended.  The only thing I knew that my tormentor was a woman because of her voice.  She whipped me with a flogger then pretended to be sympathetic as she raked her long fingernails.seductively over my chest.  

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Victoria and Sonia teased my body then Sonia sucked my balls while victoria sucked my cock somehow I kept control.  Finally they gave me permission to cum as Victoria gave me a handjob.  I shot cum again and again until I was empty.

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Victoria and Sonia switched places as Sonia edged my cock while I sucked Victoria’s toes.  Sonia mounted my erect cock and rode me violently.  I had to keep in control because I knew the extreme punishment I would suffer if I would cum without permission.

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Victoria and Sonia tied me to a cot and giggled as they watched my stiff cock pulsate.   Victoria rode my cock while Sonia massaged my chest with her feet and made me lick her toes.  

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Victoria fucked my ass with a strap-on while I sucked Sonia’s cunt until she came over and over.

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When they put the humbler on me and made me bend over, I knew I was only an object of their sadistic pleasure.  Victoria was fascinated by my tight swollen ball sack and took pleasure in fingering and licking that sensitive tender place driving me crazy with frustrated desire.

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Victoria laughed, ready for pain and pleasure? Sonia sucked my cock while Victoria flogged me.  Victoria stopped and took out a rat trap and snapped it onto my cock.  That was real pain, but not enough for her so she began to whip me with a single tail.

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Sonia held a large metal butt plug up to my mouth and commanded me to lick and suck it like it was a cock.  She then began to shove the cold metal butt plug up my ass.  She went slowly forcing it farther each time until at last I felt it inside me. She and Victoria then began rubbing and teasing me while I tried to get used to the butt plug that when it touched the right place inside me felt real good.. Sonia laughed and said I better get used to something up my ass and they have to stretch my asshole for Sonia’s favorite toy.

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Tied in strict rope bondage I was completely in her power as Victoria knelt and sucked my cock into her mouth.  It was unbelievable then she bit down hard, streched my cock painfully with her teeth.  I fought to silently endure the pain because I didn’t want her to stop.