Male Outdoor Bondage

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The last thing I remember was drinking with Samantha in a pick-up bar then going to her place.  I must have passed out. I looked around and by the dim light figured out I was in a basement dungeon roped to a rack with my arms pulled painfully backward and a rope tied tightly around my cock pulling hard whenever I struggled.  I heard her footsteps then she massaged my balls while she told me I was now her sex slave.  She stood back playing with a whip and explained that I would obey her in everything or be punished severely.  

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My sadistic master whipped me until his cock was rock hard then dry humped me by rubbing his hard cock against my ass crack.

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Next my sadistic master tied my feet with stiff hemp rope to a spreader bar then suspended me by my arms until only my toes could reach the floor.  He would whip my ass until I couldn’t scream any more then would leave me hanging for hours only to return and whip my ass again.  He told me I was a masochist because pain kept my cock hard.  I knew he was right, pain did keep me sexually aroused.

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I lost track of the number of times the master brought me to the edge by massaging my cock and letting my cock slide into his mouth then stopping just before I would cum. Finally it was too much and I shot my wad into his mouth.  He swallowed and said my boy juice tasted good but was I ready for my punishment? .I said yeah.  The master tightened the ropes holding me to the metal frame before he began flogging me.  He alternated flogging my body then flogging my cock as I screamed from the excruciating pain.     

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The master stroked my cock every time the iron cage swung back and forth. Then he would suck my cock every time the frame swung so my cock touched his moth.  He warned me not  to cum or he would punish me with a severe beating!

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The master massaged my cock very slowly until I was bursting to cum then he slapped my cock so I couldn’t cum.  He would pause maybe for a beer and then start over..  I suffered for hours my only desire was to cum.

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The master tied me to an iron frame and left me swinging slowly in his dungeon waiting for what would happen next

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The master made me suck his cock and said I would turn into a good sex slave because my cock grew hard as I sucked him.  After he  shot his load down my throat, he forced me into that steel cage again and suspended it swinging and turning from the dungeon ceiling.  The pain built slowly but steadily as my muscles cramped from the confined position and the steel bars pressed into my legs and ass. 

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The master cut a hole in my briefs and began exploring and playing with my hole causing powerful new sensations to challenge my understanding of my sexuality. .

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I woke up with a unbelievable hangover and suddenly realized I was locked in a steel cage hung from the ceiling of some kind of dungeon.  The last thing I remembered was celebrating the end of finals by getting drunk with my buddies.  I got separated from them when I stopped in front of a leather gay bar to gawk and must have passed out.  

My captor used a cattle prod to shock me until I gave in and stripped off my clothes.  He said he knew I had a week break after finals and told me I would be his sex slave for the whole week, he said I had no choice and it would be easier on me if I cooperated but he would enjoy my body either way.

He lowered the cage until he could shove his cock into my mouth then forced me to suck him off..

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Victoria held my tied hands and forced my head down while I licked Zarina’s cunt with my eager tongue.

Hands Tied Behind My Back (3) View All

Victoria held my tied hands and forced my head down while I licked Zarina’s cunt with my eager tongue.

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Victoria pulled down my briefs.  I was their helpless sex slave with my hands tied behind my back submitting excitedly to their desires.